Application for Director Curriculum Pedagogy, Implementation and Resourcing
Nelson Central School
December 2008


It is essential that we continually seek out and embed innovative strategies, emerging technologies and a variety of information sources into our learning and teaching environments.

With technological change happening at extraordinary rates, students need to be able to independently learn, unlearn, and relearn in order to be successful now and in the future.

This role is an exciting opportunity to expand what I have already been doing in 2008 with regards to staff professional development in ICT.

I have up to date skills and pedagogy in all areas of the curriculum and a wide network to rely on to continue and advance my learning. I am able to provide support, examples of best practice (and those from my own classroom) of effective pedagogy and am upskilling myself in demonstrating and teaching adult learners (teachers). I work hard to share resources with teachers and maintain several resource banks to assist teachers:
The implementation of the LOOP and a wider job description into other areas of pedagogy would be a good opportunity to practically involve teachers in activities they could implement into their classroom learning programmes. My role as a PLP fellow also ensures I am constantly developing and challenging my own pedagogy in these diverse and growing areas.

The Director of Curriculum Pedagogy, Implementation and Resourcing would be a opportunity to work with staff to expand their pedagogy and knowledge; especially in the areas of ICT/elearning, Thinking Skills and Inquiry Learning. Embedding in their classroom teaching practices tools such as Herle's Thinking Maps, SOLO Taxonomy, Graphic Organisers, 6 hat thinking and Habits of Mind, innovative and engaging Web2 tools and more would mean teachers would have a greater range of approaches to best target learning in both Literacy and Inquiry Lea
(Diagram Source: ISB http://isb21.wikispaces.com/)

Improving teachers' pedagogy and skills with emerging technologies would both extend current teaching practice as well as maximise learning outcomes for our students (Goal #1 in our Strategic Plan). It also has the potential to strengthen home-school partnerships by making the learning process and journey more transparent to parents through the use of learning blogs, eportfolios and by inviting parent feedback (Goal #2 in our Strategic Plan).

This role is an exciting opportunity in which to work with the Senior Leadership staff and Director of Teaching and Learning to advance and enhance our teachers' knowledge, skills and pedagogy so that they may better engage and assist to develop their students to be:
open minded
risk takers
and reflective learners.
(IWB Learner Profile)