Bling for Wikis

A growing resource page
This site allows you to make a cool text heading for your page.
Save it as a jpg onto your computer and then upload the picture into your wiki

Clustr Map
This site will produce a small world map that will automatically log a dot everytime a visitor from a new location views your wiki.
Register, confirm your registration in an email and grab the HTML code. Add to the wiki by pasting the code into the box given when the TV button is pressed.

Cool Things To Embed into your Wiki:

Upload Photostory, MovieMaker, imovie etc projects to Teacher Tube and embed in the wiki:
TeacherTube –

Talking widgets and tools to enable oral communication:
Meebo –
Voki -
Odeo -
YackPack -

Make a photo come to life using:
VoiceThread -

Make a photo slideshow:
Bubbleshare –

Embed Powerpoint presentations by uploading to:
Slideshare –

Make comics online and embed:
Toondoo –

WebsitePolls -