Before entering your students into the online world, please check you have the appropriate permissions.
This means cybersafety policies and acceptable use agreements signed by parents.
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NB: Blogger has changed a little (well actually, improved alot) over the past year. These tutorial notes are in the process of being updated. Hopefully they will still be of use to you.One of the main differences is the subsitution of the "Template" tab - now called "Design" and "Add a Page Element" which are now called "Gadgets"
All the best with your blogging adventures and opening up your classroom to the world

How to set up a class blog using

How to make a new post in your blog

How to remove the nav bar in Blogger blogs [2 parts] - THIS IS IMPORTANT TO DO

How to add an email subscription box to your blog

How to add a world map to see where your visitors are from [Clustr Map] to your blog

How to add people as contributors to your class blog using Blogger

How to put PowerPoint Presentations on your Blogger Blog

How to add an email link to your Blog

How to make your Class Blog also act as an Individual Student Blog

How to write on our Class Blog - student help sheet poster for putting up near your computer

How many hits on our Class Blog - poster and numbers for students to change daily when they have investigated how many people have been visiting their blog
Use the below posters to make a display of the number of 'hits" (or visitors) to your class blog. Make a student responsible each week for checking the class blog and updating the poster twice a day. When your blog is up and running you could even do some maths work on how many hits occured on the blog overnight etc. a great way to get kids motivated and excited about their class blog and their audience.

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